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Our 7 Diet Hints Exclusively For You

A piece of good advice from an ancient wisdom: “It’s all about eating the right food at the right time in the right amounts”.

Between-Meal Snack

Athletes eat up to 11 times per day! Us mere mortals should be eating small meals four to six times as day to boost our metabolism. “Feeling ravenous when it comes time to eat often leads to overeating. Keep snack-sized portions of nutritious food handy – such as cut-up vegetables and mixed nuts – and spread out your meals.

Sunday Rite
Put a lazy Sunday afternoon to use and stock the fridge with chopped vegetables and precooked protein like chicken and lean red meat. Prepackaging meals will make sure you don’t opt for fast food when you’re rushed for time.

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Top 6 trends you should know about

Fast- food

1. Drink your vitamins
Now even Coke is good for you to the point. Just like milk and water. Diet Coke Plus comes fortified with vitamins and minerals in the U.S. Watch for fortified chewing gum!

2. Nearly Scratch Cooking
The busier your days, the less time you have to spend in the kitchen. We’ve
learned to get creative with store-bought ingredients. This gourmet peanut
butter is a great base for Thai noodles.

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Cooking in the Cold or Winter Weather Barbeque!

Winter weather in most of the south will usually not interfere with a good backyard barbeque. Most of us don’t have to be concerned with sweeping snow off the grill in order to burn a steak. Our biggest challenge in the first cookout of the year is dusting the spiders and crickets out of the charcoal tray.

If you’ll be using charcoal and a liquid lighter, know what kind of accelerant you’re going to be pouring on those briquettes. It’s not the volume of the whoooomp you hear when you light the fire that determines whether you coals will burn evenly or not.

Be wise and never use gasoline, lacquer thinner, lantern fuel and any of the highly combustible solutions you can buy at the paint store. Any of those can light up the night like a roman candle, and you with it. Pay the extra dollar and stick with charcoal lighter even though its fragrance may linger on the meat you’re cooking.

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Food Tips. What is the Healthy Food

What is the Healthy Food ?
To stay alive our body needs energy, materials to build and regenerate its cells, and last but not the least, the microelements, which are vital for metabolism processes. If we want our body to function normally, we must know how to satisfy its nutritional needs, which have been already well recognized.
The essentials are as follows:

The amount of energy, or the calories, that we consume, must correspond to its actual expenditure. We must maintain our weight close to the ideal.

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Whence the Weight?

Whence the Weight?Almost in every instance the cause of excessive weight is obvious: those people are gaining weight, who eat more than their body needs. Some full-figured ladies say: “But I nearly starve myself and still put on weight!”

It’s true, their breakfast, lunch and supper are not more abundant than those of their slender friends, but in between those meals they have so many bites that nearly double their daily ration.

Those “little bites” usually include sweets, biscuits, jam served with tea, or a small bag of pistachios, 100 g of which contribute 700 calories and by one third increase the nutritive value of the day’s ration.

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