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Dandruff. Dry scalp

Dandruff consists of small white scales that usually appear in the scalp and hair. The medical term for dandruff is PITYRIASIS. If neglected for long, excessive dandruff can lead to baldness. The nature of dandruff is not clearly defined my medical authorities. Associated causes of dandruff are: a sluggish condition of the scalp, possibly due to poor circulation, infection, injury, lack of nerve stimulation, improper and uncleanness. Contributing causes are: the use of strong shampoos and insufficient rinsing of the hair after a shampoo.

There are two types of dandruff:

First – dry type and
Second – greasy or waxy type.

Dry scalp

Just as the skin is continuously being shed & replaced, the upper most layer of the scalp is also being cast off all the time. These scales loosen and fall off freely. The natural shedding of the scales should not be mistaken as dandruff.

To avoid any type of dandruff, we recommend to use anti-dandruff shampoos, for example Selson Blue. If dandruff persists, we would suggest to see a dermatologist.

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Top 6 trends you should know about

Fast- food

1. Drink your vitamins
Now even Coke is good for you to the point. Just like milk and water. Diet Coke Plus comes fortified with vitamins and minerals in the U.S. Watch for fortified chewing gum!

2. Nearly Scratch Cooking
The busier your days, the less time you have to spend in the kitchen. We’ve
learned to get creative with store-bought ingredients. This gourmet peanut
butter is a great base for Thai noodles.

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Whence the Weight?

Whence the Weight?Almost in every instance the cause of excessive weight is obvious: those people are gaining weight, who eat more than their body needs. Some full-figured ladies say: “But I nearly starve myself and still put on weight!”

It’s true, their breakfast, lunch and supper are not more abundant than those of their slender friends, but in between those meals they have so many bites that nearly double their daily ration.

Those “little bites” usually include sweets, biscuits, jam served with tea, or a small bag of pistachios, 100 g of which contribute 700 calories and by one third increase the nutritive value of the day’s ration.

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