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Beauty Tips. Sunday-Over-The-Sink Shampoo.

Hair Dress

 I want to contribute a great piece of hair care advice to the readers! My Mom taught it to me as a child and she called it the "Sunday-Over-The-Sink Shampoo."

Ingredients: one beaten whole egg in one bowl, and two tablespoons of mayonnaise in another bowl.

(Don't do this in the shower-it'll make you smell like a salad unless you want to wash after. That's why you do it in a sink!)

Hanging your head in the sink, wet your hair and gently massage the whole beaten egg through your hair, taking extra care with your scalp. This treatment is meant to get the oils, built up conditioners, and dirt from the past week- off your scalp and purify it. Let the egg sit for about a minute, then rise thoroughly with warm water. Massage in the mayonnaise in the same way, but paying attention to the tips of the hair, and let sit for about 2-3 minutes. (For a deep conditioning-wrap your head in a towel and sit in the sun for 30 minutes) Rinse with warm water and then shampoo with your normal shampoo. Don't condition after. Voila! Shiny, conditioned hair, with a squeaky clean scalp.
 This treatment works very well with people with oily scalp/hair or people that are trying to grow their hair out from a very SHORT do (gives the growing hair a clean environment to grow faster and healthier!) .

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