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Hair Care

  Hair Care Line
Special Care Line
Line for Daily Facen
Skin Hygiene Products  


 Special Care Line

Herbal dead sea SHAMPOO

This shampoo is intended for all hair types as well as for revitalizing hair damaged by color or permanents. It contributes to hair repair and strength. It promotes growth, and prevents hair splits, making hair flexible, shiny and silky. Shampoo improves the hygienic balance of the scalp. Contains the Dead Sea minerals, Propolis, E,F,A Vitamins. (799005)


The conditioner hydrates hair, increasing its volume, richness and luster. It works as a mousse and protects hair from drying, giving long-lasting results. Exceptionally good for the scalp. (636005)



Silk hair drops is oil rich in vitamins. It improves hair growth and protects it from the harmful effects of the environment. It doesn't leave a greasy sensation, but leaves hair silky and healthy. (600005)


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