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Horoscope.  Aquarius
The Water-Bearer  (from 20th January to 18th February)

Horoscope Aquarius

 Aquarius - Love, Relationships, Domestic Life
 Element - Air
 Ruling Planet - Uranus
 Career Planet - Pluto
 Love Planet - Venus
 Money Planet - Neptune
 Planet of Health and Work - Moon
 Planet of Home and Family Life - Venus

Love and Relationships
  Aquarians are good at friendships, but a bit when it comes to love. Of course they fall in love, but their lovers always get the impression that they are more best friends than paramours.
Like Capricorns, they are cool customers. They are not prone to displays of passion or to outwards demonstrations of their affections. In fact, they feel uncomfortable when their mate hugs and touches them too much. This does not mean that they do not love their partners. They do, only they show it in other ways. Curiously enough, in relationships they tend to attract the very things that they feel uncomfortable with. They seem to attract hot, passionate, romantic, demonstrative people. Perhaps they know instinctively that these people have qualities they lack and so seek them out. In any event, these relationships do seem to work, Aquarius coolness calming the more passionate partner while the fires of passion warm the old-blooded Aquarius.
The qualities Aquarians need to develop in their love life are warmth, generosity, passion and fun. Aquarians love relationships of the mind. Here they excel. If the intellectual factor is missing in a relationship an Aquarian will soon become bored or fell unfulfilled.

Home and Domestic Life
In family and domestic matters Aquarians can have a tendency to be too non-conformist, changeable and unstable. They are as willing to break the barriers of family constraints as they are those of others areas of life.
Even so, Aquarians are very sociable people. They like to have a nice home where they can entertain family and friends. Their house is usually decorated modernly and full of state-of-the-art appliances and gadgets – an environment Aquarians find absolutely necessary.
If their home life is to be healthy and fulfilling, Aquarians need to inject it with a quality of stability – yes, even some conservatism. They need at least one area of life to be enduring and steady; this area is usually their home and family life. Venus, the Planet of Love, rules the Aquarian’s 4th Solar House of Home and Family as well, which means that when it comes to the family and child-rearing, theories, cool thinking and intellect are not always enough. Aquarians need to bring love into the equation in order to have a great domestic life. 

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