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 Love Story
  Anna and Nick.





Love Story. Anna and Nick.

Anna and Nick

 We met two years ago through a mutual friend, online. It seemed like nothing big. We became friends, and ended up with a lot in common, especially with her living in Germany and me studying German. That New Years (2001) we met for the first time in New York City, while she was on vacation with her family.
Then around March or so she tells me that she is signed up in this exchange program, YFU, and is going to spend a year in America to study... but she needs a host family. So I ask my parents if they'd be willing to host Anna for a year, they said yes.

I guess during this time, we became close. We became the friends that go to eachother with every problem, and cry on eachother's shoulder. As close as to friends could be. Deep down inside we knew we both loved eachother, but we hid it behind other relationships.
She came in August 2001. And at first it was fine, it was just like it always was, just she was living with me now. But soon things started escalating. September 22, 2001 we had our first kiss. And the last one we vowed. We both had our respective relationships to deal with and knew we couldn't be together.
In October we both ended the relationships we were in, and took another step closer to being together. But just when it seemed in reach, Anna got scared and tried to stay away, she "dated" another guy ("dated" well they went out 3 times over 4 months). Until that ended we were more of best friends... with benefits.
After that guy she "dated" wanted more and she dumped him, it became more exclusive between the two of us. But even then it was a gray area. Until one night, a special night... that afterwards I realized I loved her totally and unconditionally and without question.
From there on it wasn't "should we be together" it was "we are together" we didn't care anymore we told everyone and didn't care who knew or what they thought. Everything made sense, we were together, we were closer than stay with her, but all I got was 3 weeks with her in Germany. We tried to do whatever we could to feel like we could stay together. But we couldn't... and I was gone.
Now we're 4000 miles apart, doing all we can to be back together. As of right now the next time is New Years. Then Summer, then... when?

  Anna and Nick. Love Story.


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