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  • Dr. Kadir Exclusive Organic CareThere are 7 products.

    Dr. Kadir Exclusive Organic Care
    Dr. Kadir Exclusive Organic Care.
    Dr. Ron Kadir's exclusive line of organic skincare products is just the answer to your needs and wishes. Fragrant, silky creams and lotions that are luxurious to the touch, scientifically sophisticated, highly effective, yet contain the optimal concentration of high-quality natural ingredients, without resorting to artificial, synthetic emulsifiers and detergents.

    Exclusive Organic Care™ natural organic skin care series is made of carefully selected organic oils, butters, essential oils, and sophisticated active substances based on organic herbal extracts, rainforest ingredients and other uniquely beneficial natural components – all chosen for their proven value, such as: Organic Alpine herbs extract which helps prevent wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and vitality; Organic Beech Tree Extract which improves the skin's moisture levels and helps minimize wrinkle depth.



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