Tests of Your Fitness (1 – 3)

Test 1: Stamina.
Have a steady run for 12 minutes along a straight path. Try to cover as long distance as you can. Make a short walking interval if you feel you need it. Measure the distance and assess your results from the following table.

Test 2: Belly muscles.
Lie back down on the floor, clasp hands under your head and bend your knees at the right angle. Now lift the upper part of your body, keeping your loin vertebras firm on the floor. Look at the ceiling and try to rise your torso 10-15 cm up from the floor. Hold the posture for 10-15 seconds. If you can keep up for 10 seconds or more your belly muscles are in good shape. If it’s only from 5 to 9 seconds, you should do exercises and get stronger.

Age 20-29 years 30-39 years 40-50 years
Good 1900 m – 2300 m 1900 m – 2200 m 1800 m – 2100 m
Satisfactory 1800 m – 2000 m 1700 m – 1900 m 1600 m – 1800 m
must be improved under 1600 m under 1500 m under 1400 m


Test 3: Back muscles.
Lie belly down on the floor, clasp hands at the back of your head. Put under you belly a bolster or a rolled towel, if you wish. Try to lift up you torso by 10-15 cm from the floor and hold for 10 seconds. If you can maintain this posture for 10 seconds or more, your back muscles are OK. If you can keep it up only from 5 to 9 seconds, exercises will be needed.

10 December 2009 Posted in Fitness, Health